About Contemporary Art

The Nepalese Contemporary Art has successfully established its own identity. Since ancient times the Nepalese Art and craft has been making progress and is able to regulate itself to the present time. Many artists with creative skills have made on effort to raise the status of the Nepalese art.

The Nepalese Contemporary art can be introduced through its use of creative style, medium and technique. In these types of art works the artist usually tries to reflect the Nepalese lifestyle, nature and culture. By excluding the actual sense the artists are ineffect trying to engrave the artistic image in their lives. The peaceful and beautiful Nepal has it's own significance even though it lags behind other nation's due to the geographical factor and the poor medium of communication.

Apart from nature, the artists choose their subject for their creative work from various temples, religious places and from different castes and culture. For the study of art the artists derive their inspiration from these subjects. The objective and meaningful development of art is based on the expressive emotion and artistic sensation of the artist.

In this programme, through their joint effort the artists not only have been able to successfully present their artistic creation, but also to make amendments and changes.

In the year 2022 B.S. His late Majesty King Birendra established Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA), which was one of the most important events in the field of art. Since it's inception the Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA) besides organizing art exhibitions has also developed contacts with the foreign artists and other art association these has also been exchange of art exhibitions between Nepal and other countries.

With the progress achieved in the field of art the Nepalese art is being introduced worldwide. Since the last few years the Fine Art Campus has been producing some excellent artists.

We cannot forget the continuous devotion of the artists who have played a great role for the progress of the present Nepalese contemporary art.

The Nepalese art is still progressing even though there are limited numbers of art galleries and art associations.

It's a matter of sheer pride and honour that there has been personal endeavour, interest and investment in this field of art. Even to this day the Nepal Association of Fine Arts has been giving priority to art activities by organizing art workshops and art exhibitions.

Apart from these regular programmes, the Nepal Association of Fine Art has also started the publication of the art magazines, which can be the source of inspiration and encouragement to the artists. Thus by creating such an environment among the artists one can discover their hidden talent and help them to achieve progress. The joint art exhibition and art workshop held at National and International level holds great importance.

With the change in time the field of Nepalese contemporary art has been making progress.

It is clear that one can feel the presence of Nepalese art in the world art market and competing with other works.

Nepal being a small country and with limited source the Nepalese art has not been able to establish itself on a par with other countries at world art market, but even then Nepalese art has been moving forward.

The significance of Nepalese art is well known not only for its subjective presentation but also for its colour composition and formation of figures. From time to time the well-established art associations have been jointly working towards the development of art and are giving importance to the group sentiments, which encourages for artists further development of abstract and semi abstract art. In Nepal the modern and abstract art was started in the year 2018 B.S. The eminent Nepalese artist Lain Singh Bangdel held an art exhibition on his return to Nepal after receiving his higher education from Paris, the city of art. At this exhibition the presentation of abstract art and the composition of beautiful colours attracted many viewers.

But prior to this exhibition, a well known artist Bhajuman Chitrakar had accompanied the then Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana on his visit to Britain and brought back some new style in art which was later adapted by the Nepalese artists.

Thus with continuous experience and study the Nepalese contemporary art has been able to achieve success. With the active participation and devotion of the artists Nepalese contemporary art has been making steady progress.

There has been gradual increase in the use of watercolour, oil, pastel ink and pen as well as in the use of canvas and Nepalese paper. The creative art has a touch of sentiments in its subject and title. The artist has been successful in his aim for expressing himself through the medium of abstract art, thus one can find that the colours on the canvas holds some deep intellectual meaning.

There is no doubt about the fact that the past background of the Nepalese art has contributed to the further development of the present Nepalese contemporary art. The skilled and experienced artist should entirely devote themselves to their creation and thus assist in the progress of the Nepalese art.

By Gyanendra Bibas