Bidhata K.C

There is a popular saying that says 'for some people near enough is never enough!' It describes the state of mind of some people who are in constant pursuit of success regardless of what they achieve in between. Here in our context, Bidhata K.C. - the artist of the present series - best fits this description if one is to search for a true spirit and ideal example of the saying.

Bidhata belongs to a younger generation of present-day Nepali painting. Her art journey is yet to span a full decade. But within this short span of time, her artistic endeavors and the accompanying accolades she received have remained remarkable. A normal person would have happily remained content with the achievements and may have chosen to bask in them. Bidhata did not. Instead Bidhata K.C. remained constantly on the move.

So then what stimulates her to strive so hard and so fast? Indeed, Bidhata K.C. is an artist with an amazing speed and is always in a great hurry. One of the very special things about her is that, since her very debut as a creative painter way back in 2005 or a little earlier, she has been fascinated by a strange philosophical theme - that is the mysterious aspects of a phenomenon called human life - its joys, sorrows, pains, its limitation and so on. Bidhata K.C. sought to express these softer parts of human emotion on her canvas through an expressive creative language and she began a quest in full earnest. The pursuit led her to find the metaphors of her thinking in the life of a simple leaf!

And Bidhata K.C. discovered there is a strange similarity between the two - a cycle of a human life and the stages of a leaf in its momentary existence. To Bidhata, the leaf remained the nearest manifestation of her search. Since then Bidhata K.C. never looked back, and she has continued to pursue these musings. And taking the leaf as her primary element, she began to express her feelings through a series of exercises within it.

So naturally, the entire body of works presented here depicts various forms of huge, magnified, and often dried-looking leaves. In spite of the commonality of the primary element in the entire series, the array of works represents an amazing set of diverse expressions. A dominating presence of brown-ochre tint is hard to ignore and adds a rich artistic flavor in the overall ambience.

Also, a sensitive viewer would easily notice that the artist is seeking to narrate her various moods and feelings. If there are suggestive comparisons between a human and a leaf, there are obvious expressions of anguish and frustrations in some works through the clever juxtaposition of warm and cool hues. They are vividly expressed in a crumpled form of a dried leaf where the secondary or tertiary veins are seen struggling to break away from the central stalk. It reveals an innate desire of the artist to liberate herself from physical limitations.

After going through a series of exercises in a common theme, the artist is well rewarded in her present efforts. Here, Bidhata K.C. is clearly able to reveal an aesthetic attainment in her chosen theme. Here, choice of colors, judgment over a creative space, and an overall sense of expression are well matured - indicating a definite progress of a contemporary painter. It may be a tangible result of her tireless experimentations or maybe because Bidhata K.C. has been recently exposed to a broader creative atmosphere in Seoul, Korea, as a participant in Asian Artist Fellowship Program in 2006-2007.

Bidhata K.C. definitely deserves hearty congratulations for her commendable efforts and I wish her continued success as an artist. Thanks!

Madan Chitrakar
Artist/Art Writer

  • Bachelors of Fine Arts, Lalit Kala Campus, Tribhuvan University Kathmandu


  • Asian Artist Fellowship Program 2006-2007, Korea

Solo Exhibition

  • 2007: 'Foliage' at Shangri-La Hotel, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal    
  • 2007: 'Interrelation' at Goyang Art Studio, Goyang City, Korea 


  • 2008: 'Aasha' at Basantapur , Nepal
  • 2007: 'Door' at Jyamircot, Nepal
  • 2007: 'Persistence' at Shangri-La, Nepal
  • 2007: 'Inscape' at Goyang Art Studio, Korea
  • 2006: 'Pigment' at Goyang Art Studio, Korea

Group Exhibitions

  • 2008: 'Chance Encounters' at Kathmandu Gallery Lazimpath / Thamel
  • 2008: 'Trees & Leaves' at Q' Art Gallery, Naksal, Kathmandu
  • 2008: 'Aba ko Nepal' organized by Arohan Gurukul at NAFA
  • 2008: 'Bagmati on Canvas' at NAFA, Kathmandu
  • 2007: 'Sosabeol International Art Exposition', Korea
  • 2007: '2nd Nepali Contemporary Art Festival and Handicraft Exhibition' Seoul, Korea at Alpha Art Gallery
  • 2006: 'Impression of Manang' at Nepal Tourism board, Kathmandu and Sing Art Gallery, Lalitpur and Century Hotel, Chitwan
  • 2006: 'Mountain' Painting Exhibition at Insa Gallery, Insadong, Korea
  • 2006: 'Nepal Bangladesh Youth Art Exhibition' at National Museum, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 2006: 'In Memories of Ibsen' organized by Norwegian Embassy at BICC, Kathmandu
  • 2006: '10 Days Atelier' Painting Exhibition at Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu
  • 2005: 'Nepal Bangladesh Youth Art Exhibition', at Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu
  • 2005:  National Art Exhibition organized by Nepal Artist's Society, NAFA
  • 2003: Group Exhibition by Four Artists at Srijana Art Gallery
  • 2002: Exhibition by Two Young Artists at Srijana Art Gallery
  • 2001: National Art Exhibition at NAFA (/2002/2003/2004)
  • 2001: Group Exhibition by Four Artists at Nepal Art Council



Bidhata K.C
Date of Birth : 1978-05-29

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