Dil Bahadur Chitrakar

Dil Bahadur Chitrakar, one of the senior most painters of Nepal, is almost like a legendary bright star in the realm of Nepali art today.

Born in 1929 AD, and brought up in a 'Chitrakar' family- a community historically associated with the art of painting, he began to learn art at a very tender age. With an initial guidance from his father Jagat Bahadur and later, with further grooming under Tej Bahadur Chitrakar– an iconic name in Nepali painting, Dil Bahadur's emergence as talented artist was phenomenal. As an artist, Dil Bahadur's career presents an interesting mosaic of versatility, Begun as an art teacher in 1945 AD in local school, his job experience varied from a textile designer to a senior illustrator in Government text book house(Janak Education Materials Center). During this period, he has had a unique opportunity to peep into a wider world of European Art in places like London, Paris, Rome and many other famous cities of Europe. After encountering the works of great masters like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and many others, he suddenly found himself woken to a new reality and decided to immerse into a task of creating and introducing new forms into the country. The result was amazing array of works with native forms but with European touch and taste! He held his first one man show of painting in 1964 AD, at the legendary Max Art Gallery, Kathmandu. He also, remained an active participant in many of the group shows.

Today, he is known far and wired and is received with great admiration beyond the country's border. His works are in the prestigious collection of many famed collectors in Australia, Great Britain, France, USA, Japan and India. His paintings are also in the collection of many government houses and private collections within the country. Today we are lucky to have him amongst us still active with his paints and brushes.

It is a matter of great pride and pleasure for us to present here few his beautiful works.

Kala Pravin, Juddha Kala Pathshala -1950
  • 1961: Group show - Juddha Kala Pathshala
  • 1964: One man show, Max Gallery, Kathmandu
  • 1966: Group show, NAFA, Kathmandu
  • 1967: Group show, NAFA, Kathmandu
  • 1974: One man show, Arniko Art Gallery, Kathmandu
  • 1991: One man show, J. Art Gallery, Kathmandu
  • 1992: Group show, Goethe Institute, Kathmandu
  • 1996: One man show, J. Art Gallery, Kathmandu
  • First prize, National Art Competition, NAFA 1966
  • Second Prize, National Art Competition, NAFA 1967
  • Special Acclamation, Org. NAS 2002
  • First Prize, Second National Painting Exhibition 1966
  • Senior Artist Award, Nepal Kalakar Samaj (NKS) 2004
  • Senior Artist Award (Nepal Water Color Society) 2006

Royal Palace, Kathmandu and in Private collection in Nepal, India, Korea, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia and USA


Dil Bahadur Chitrakar
Date of Birth : 1929-07-01

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