Mekh Bahadur Limbu

Everyone express their feelings, ideas and experience differently on different medium. Art is the expression of experience and ideas. Experience is valuable. Experience creates the ideas. Different experience makes different understanding so, past is important for present life. It always does motivate everyone. I have tried to show environment of object and how to identifying through character and background, situation defines meaning of object, as well as object defines situation, Where is it? What is it? What is importance? I tried to draw my experience and ideas through visual forms. Ideas translate on visual language. I have always interested on human psychology. How different Human behavior and thought? It issues always questioning me.

Human beings make concept before he does work anything, but consequences might be anything, but that is process of thinking or developing.  Human mind or human being is amazing. He has got mind as well as emotion, memory, sensation, perception intelligence. He imagines and guess as well as background of developing process .Thinking is complex mental process, mental exploration. Concepts depend on past experience, learning process, perception and intellectual capacity. Pre concept develops among stimulus, concept and hypothesis. How he passed past life (experience, background) that is important part for concept making process. Human beings entirely perceive circumstances before thinking. He understands co- relation each other as well as tries to solve the problems.

  • 2008    BFA, Fine Arts College, Nepal.
  • 2005    IFA, Fine Arts College, Nepal.
  • 2011  New Expression on the Block Group exhibition at Siddhartha Art Gallery.
  • 2011  ‘Cultural Art Exhibition 2’, Kirat Rai Yayhokkh
  • 2011  ‘Artists in the City, Urbanization and Urban culture’ project initiated by the Interactive Mapping and Archiving project (IMAP)
  • 2011  International Short  Video Show at Shailee restaurant Babarmahal, Kathmandu.
  • 2010  Solo Exhibition the title of ‘Perception’ at Sirjana contemporary art gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • 2010  Culture for Peace, Collaborative installation art at Kathmandu Contemporary Art Centre (KCAC), Lalitpur
  • 2010  ‘Land on Eye of Artists ’ workshop & Exhibition, Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 2010  GET TOGETHER a contemporary art show organized by Larva at Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 2009  ‘Voices Silence No Longer’ Exhibition at PSM gallery Mahendra  Pull,Pokhara.
  • 2009  ‘Cultural Art Exhibion’  organized  by Kirat Fine Art Society at Nepal Art Council,Babarmahal, Kathmandu
  • 2008  Participation in program 1st international Mount Everest Day Organized By ANNFSU & Nepal Tourism Board
  • 2008  Participation in  Art competition & exhibition organized by Alfresco Paper
  • 2008     ‘Prashant talent Scholarship’ from Prashant Memorial Society
  • 2007     ‘Sitashree intelligence Award’ from Panta Memorial Foundation
  • 2007     1st in poster competition on ‘women violence &Discrimination Organized by National Physical Disabled Organization.
  • 2007     3rd in painting competition on ‘Impact of small Arms’ organized  By South Asia Partnership international.
  • 1996     2nd in Inter School Drawing Competition organized by Basic & Primary Education plan organization Dhankuta.
  • 1995     3rd in Inter School Drawing Competition organized by Basic & Primary Education plan organization Dhankuta

Mekh Bahadur Limbu
Date of Birth : 1985-04-30

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