Bignantak Mahakala

Bignantak Mahakala by Yogendra Shakya
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By Yogendra Shakya
Price: on enquiry
Year: 2008
Size: 12.00 x 16.00 in
Material: Canvas
Medium: Stone color
Shipping Mode: rolled
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Among many Rup(faces) Mahakala Bighnantaka Mahakala is one of them. He is standing on the Surya Mandala on base of Lotus flower. He is portrayed in a dark blue color with three eyes. Akshobhya Budhha resides above Bighnantaka Mahakala. His crown posseses 5 skull heads, with hair spread around. Tiger skin is around his body and elephant skin as a cloak. Mahakala is depicted short with a large belly(stomach) which portrays his angry part. In his three right hands, he is carrying Dabdab(Damaru), Skullhead praying beads, Bajrakarti and in his three left hands, he is carrying Khatwang( Trishul with skull and chwamor), BajraPash(rope), half skull filled with blood. He is stamping/standing(AAsan) on Ganesh.

The three eyes of mahakala represents the three time periods (Kal) past, present and future. The five skulls on the crown symbolizes gaining knowledge by removing Dwesh, Trishna, Irshya( Jealousy), Agyanta and Ahankar. Bajrakarti represents removal of me and self feeling stuck within by cutting it off. Kapalpatra represents saving all living beings by providing them victory from evil by drinking it all. Japmala means he is praying for all the living beings for prosperity and good faith. Dabdab possession represents gaining the power from the Dakini(Rakshashas). KHatwang represents acquiring of the pure knowledge by generating bodhichitta to gain Bodhigyan. Bajrapash possession represents bringing those who breaks rules by tieing them up with it and keeping Samyak Gyan in place. The two legs represents the Pragya( good) and Upay ( bad).

Standing on the ganesh represents ending of obstacles and upadra(ill mannered). Wearing of tiger sking means making trishna untouchable. Elephant skin represent the ending of material love and ahankar (pride). Snake garland means removal of dwesh. All the jwelleries he is wearing represents being skills of Buddha all the time.

Note: Please note that the actual colors of the Painting may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and make. The color shown is as close as possible to the actual colors of the Painting.

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Yogendra Shakya
Date of Birth : 1972-04-11

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