Landscape Composition

Landscape Composition by Pramila Bajracharya
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Code: #pb6
By Pramila Bajracharya
Price: $550
Year: 2008
Size: 30.00 x 36.00 in
Material: Canvas
Medium: Acrylic
Shipping Mode: rolled
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Sri Lanka is a mystic work-instantly evoking a pleasant imagery of a landfull of vast lush green fields and a country gifted with a vibrant, colorful and an extremely friendly people. It is hardly conceivable that any visitor could have come back from Sri Lanka without a sweet and pleasant nostalgic memories and moments spent there. It becomes more so if a visitor happens to be an artist with extra sensitivities armed with a creative language to reflect memories. Pramila Bajracharya is no exception. So it is but natural that Pramila-an established young painter of Nepal today, when she visited this paradise island on an artistic trip, came back with a full sack f sweet memories and got highly infected with an unique affection of the land, the people, the colors and the overall beauty of nature in its most purest forms. She experienced there.

Pramla - a familiar name in a contemporary art of Nepal, is best known for her straight forward colorful depiction of Nepali rural landscapes. She has remained a successful creative artist because of her unique evolution of style of expression since the beginning of her art journey. Since then her style of expressions has witnessed an impressive progression with a consistent matured and elegant compositions- irrespective of the elements she chooses to depict.

Now, back to our present series" Impressions of Sri Lanka', Pramila has offered the viewers two unmistakable features as creative persona. Firstly, Pramila as a visitor to this enchanting country could not escape the captivation moments she spent there and carried a profound impression inside her creative psyche. And unknowingly she sought to narrate the entire experiences in her canvas. The choice of female forms in pure, bright and almost in primary colors, frequently supported by elephant's forms and symbolic green foliage with palm trees are the unmistakable physical reflections of the paradise island. Although the general feminine attire of the entire subcontinent is shared by the iconic ' saree', the women forms Pramila sought to depict is unmistakably native Sri Lankan, Here she reveals her ingenuity to make a distinction from the rest. The depiction of forms, colors and the physical depiction of the elements and an entire gamut of composition give us an inescapable charm of Sri Lanka, This proves herself not only as a sharp observer of an environ she lives in but also she has an adept creative language to express her built- up inner feelings. Her choice of colors in its possible purest forms and dominating presence of green in its different hues are admirably soothing and in tune with the subjects.

Style wise, she has honestly remained consistent with her chosen mode of expression. Bold strokes and patches often delineated by sweet black outliving of the main elements have remained her signature style. And she has long remained identified with this evolution-mostly in rural landscape. But this series with different subject in human form's Pramila has remained equally successful and captivation- and retains the charm and beauty of the style - a style with visible traces of earlier Western expressionism.

Conclusively, Pramila remains very impressive with her gradual changing progression - manifested in both contents and aesthetic attainments. If undoubtedly help enrich the entire art milieu of contemporary art of Nepal. With all the best wishes. congrats .

- Madan Chitrakar (Artist/Art Critics)

Note: Please note that the actual colors of the Painting may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and make. The color shown is as close as possible to the actual colors of the Painting.

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Pramila Bajracharya
Date of Birth : 1973-07-21

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