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Nepali Traditional And Contemporary Art Exhibition
The present Nepali Painting presents two distinct genres of paintings - one – the ‘Paubha’ style but not bound by earlier restrictions and confines- instead characterized by an exotic combination of earlier thoughts with ample freedom to create. The other
Madan Chitrakar
Art Exhibition
Grand Nepalese Art Exhibition
at The Art Center, Highland Park, IL, USA
Arts of Nepal
Nepali Art Has Ugly Faces - Too
In the past, endowed with vast medieval wealth - Nepali Art had many reasons to be proud and to be admired. For centuries, the traditions of Painting and Sculpture in particular, have remained so remarkable it could narrate innumerable stories of diverse
Madan Chitrakar
Nepali Art In A Verse Of Transition
Creation is impossible within an hour; it is like giving birth to a child. But more often artist forgets these facts. How can we make a real proof for our audiences in terms of value? For me thought process should be groomed and polished through and from
Manish Lal Shrestha
Paubha Or Thanka Painting Of Nepal
The purpose of this article is to present a history of Nepalese art and its meaning. Paubha painting was a sacred art and its production was itself a form of religious Sadhana because of its sacred character those paintings were placed in the monasteries
Min Bahadur Shakya
Aripan: Folk Paintings Of Mithila
Aripan is drawn and depicted for purification and beautification of a piece of ground. So, it is painted on the main entrance gate of a house, thresholds and courtyards. It is also decorated in the main residential room. The young and old woman can exhibi
Dr. Ram Dayal Rakesh
Write-ups As Art Criticism On Art Or Artist?
In fact, the importance of the artist himself becomes irrelevant once a piece of art is completed - leaving it to the three players - the art, art critic and viewer. The importance of a work remains only as much as the viewer finds it until being told or
Madan Chitrakar
A Defence Of The Arts
But the satisfaction, oh the satisfaction of creating something, of expressing that very personal subjectivity that is within all of us. If there's an artist inside you, it doesn't rest until it finds an outlet.
Pranaya SJB Rana
Mithila Art In Kathmandu
"Apart from promoting our culture, Mithila art is now a huge tool for empowering women," firmly asserts Rakesh of the art which no longer is limited to ceremonial purposes.
Mithila Paintings: Past, Present And Future
A serious thought is urgently needed in order to retain the original favor and smells of the Mithila paintings. Researchers, NGO professionals, folk artists, and people concerned all should come together to adopt the appropriate measures to retain this ar
Dr. Kailash K. Mishra