Living Canvas 2008

Imagine paintings come alive...
Imagine how broad and wide ART is

15 Artists and 6 musicians from Nepal and Bhutan together with performers

Nepalese artist (Kasthamandap Art Studio)
Asha R. Dangol, Bhairaj Maharjan, Binod Pradhan, Erina Tamrakar, Pradip K. Bajracharya, Pramila Bajracharya, Sunila Bajracharya and Deneth Piumakshi(Sri Lanka)

Bhutanese Artists (VAST)
Sonam Wangchuk, Chand K. Bhattarai, Barun Gurung, Kuenga Zam, Kinga Wangchuk , Pema Tshering and Chuni Pelzang

Nepalese: "Attribute" (Binod Katuwal and Kichaa Man Chitrakar) with Shyam Nepali
Bhutanese: Jigme Drukpa and 'Druklugar'

6:30 pm, Thursday 13th November 2008
Youth Development Center - Hall
Thimpu - Bhutan

What is Living Canvas?
It comprises art pieces worn on the human body instead of being hung on walls.

Living Canvas is created by utilizing different locally found mediums, such as brass, bronze, copper, wood, bamboo, beads, canvas, textiles, bells, shells, mirrors, dried leaves and so forth. Painted on, sewn, pasted and/or woven together artists form three dimensional pieces of living art. With the final art piece you have two opinions: wear it or hang it on a wall.

Created in 2006 by Deneth Piumakshi(Sri Lanka) and Kasthmandap Art Studio (Asha, Binod, Bhairaj, Erina, Prdeep, Prmila and Sunila), Living Canvas was the first attempt to promote the contemporary art, culture and music of Nepal. Living Canvas is an event that blends history, culture, and individual artistic designs all in one form of "live art". Inspirations and new dimensions harmonize to create a fusion of art and fashion, past and present.

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