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Nepal's Home Art: Literally Off The Wall
The Mithila art form has quietly endured three millennia. Will it survive the next?
Hari Bansh Jha
Remembering DB Chitrkar
A proficient portraitist and landscape painter, DBs watercolors, oil paintings and pastel drawings are gripping. His skills in all mediums, especially pastels, show he is as much as alive as he was decades back, learning to paint in the Western European
Playing The Blame Game
I stopped attending classes after my first year at Lalit Kala because I wasnot learning anything, Jupiter Pradhan had boldly expressed a week and a half back. He claims that teachers refused to share their knowledge because it had taken them over 20 year
Prove It, NAFA!
The emphasis of NAFA should be on building a better art fraternity and in coming up with projects to expand the accessibility of art to the public arena, to promoting artists and their works locally, and reaching out to artists outside Kathmandu as well.
Artopia: According To Sujan Chitrakar
"We can make art accessible to the common people," Sujan states. "We can take art to public spaces, out from galleries, forcing the public to engage with it." And he has been doing just that, through the ARTivities Project, of which his latest exhibition
Sujan Chitrakar: Artist.. Thinker.. Or A Zealot!
Lets talk about ART -- baby!- the theme chosen by Sujan Chitrakar-the artist for his present solo- sounded so queer initially it intrigued me for many days and forced me to ponder on it for a long time. Do we really need to talk about art?
Madan Chitrakar
ARTalk With Sujan Chitrakar
One question I want to raise is why can not random people sit around and get involved in creative activities which we call ART? I once paid 3 tailors for a whole day and told them to make whatever they wanted. They made a huge mattress to cover the dabali
Documenting Paubha Art In Japan
Due to lack of archaeological evidences, the origin of paubha paintings is still debatable. According to a Newari legend, Princess Bhrikuti had taken paubha paintings to Tibet when she got married to King Srong Tsang Gampo. The painting style was then ad
Negotiation Of Multiple Voices In Nepali Paintings
Contemporary Nepali painting reconciles heterogeneous images and forms. Hindu and Buddhist myths, icons and symbols, and the subject matters of early Nepali art interact with western forms. The borrowed images and forms are decontextualised, modified, app
Source: Yam Prasad Sharma [The Rising Nepal]
Paubha Paintings
Newar paintings, called "Paubha" in Newari and "Pata" in Sanskrit, are usually rectangular in shape and are prepared from cotten woven specially to fit the dimensions required for each painting. Unlike the Tibetan Thanka, the Newar Paubha is mostly unifor
Author: Min Bahadur Shakya