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Paubha Painting: The Traditional Art Of Nepal
"Paubha" the traditional art of Nepal is believed to have been practiced from time immemorial. Due to the lack of documentary evidences it has become difficult to pin point exactly since when and how the painting was practiced and originated in the valley
Author: Renuka Gurung (Pradhan)
Traditional Art In Upheaval: The Development Of Modern Contemporary Art In Nepal
The development of art in Nepal since the middle of the 1960's has been surprising, first and foremost, by reason of its sudden, unusual innovations: from Europe abstract painting came to Nepal. The rhythm of Nepalese art, rich in tradition and defined by
Author: Susanne van der Heide
Under Her Umbrella
At one place she is pensive, somewhere else she is bold, but she is lively in some way or the other.
Author: Surendra Tandukar
Antiquity Of Manuscript Painting In Nepal
Though, there is no evidence of art and architectural form belonging prior to the Christian Era has come to light but the artistic activities of the period can not be denied. Chronicles are the main sources to study the ancient Nepalese history and they h
Author: Sabitree Mainali
Araniko Gallery Stands Neglected
A Nepali lad looks straight into the eyes of a Chinese emperor. Startled by the demeanor of the lad, the emperor asks, “Hey guy, people do not even dare standing in front of me with their heads up, and you are not afraid of even staring at me.” With no tr
Basic Concepts Of Mandala
Mandala is a Sanskrit term, which simply means circle. A Sanskrit thesaurus defines various meanings hiding behind the term Mandala. It defines that the term Mandala is synonym with the word "Chakravala"1 meaning a cosmic disc or wheel. Chakra is manifest
Author: Milan Shakya
Living Canvas 2008
Imagine paintings come alive....
Art Criticism In Nepal
Art is a light which fosters the aesthetic and intellectual growth. And corollary to it, longer the history of art, more refined the aesthetic, and higher the intellectual development of people. But the history of Nepali modern art doesn
Almost Devine
The first time I met artist DB Chitrakar, it was at the Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal, during his solo art exhibition. He guided me through his art works and humbly explained them to me with child - like delight.
Visual Arts Thru Mehandi In Palms
For women From Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Maldives, Mehandhi is well known since long time. The visual arts of painting into the skin is not only taken as a fashion but also considered it as part of Asian culture, and women feel Saubhagyabati
Author: Arun Ranjit