At once a time machine and a magic carpet, Nepal sweeps you along crooked, timeworn streets flanked by irregular, multi-roofed pagodas, stupas and stone sculptures, and into rooms cluttered with horror-eyed masks, spinning prayer wheels, trippy thangka scrolls and Tibetan carpets. Muttered chants, esoteric tantric hymns and Nepalese music hang in the air, whether it be the twang of a four-stringed saringhi or the plaintive notes of a flute. Traditional folk musicians, or gaines, gather for an evening of singing and socialising; classical dancing and trance-like masked dances enliven the Kat...

Meditation IV
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Artist of the Month
Batsa Batsa Gopal Vaidya
Newari Pauba
Achal by Lok Chitrakar
By Lok Chitrakar
Size: 25.00 x 27.00 in
Chintamani Lokesvara by Lok Chitrakar
Chintamani Lokesvara
By Lok Chitrakar
Price: on enquiry
Size: 25.50 x 53.30 in
Shri Yantra by Lok Chitrakar
Shri Yantra
By Lok Chitrakar
Size: 11.00 x 11.00 in
Contemporary Art
Folk Fusion II by Asha Ratna Dangol
Folk Fusion II
By Asha Ratna Dangol
Price: $855
Size: 63.80 x 51.20 in
Tribute to Van Gogh and Valamanesh Hossein by Prabesh K. Shrestha
Tribute to Van Gogh and Valamanesh Hossein
By Prabesh K. Shrestha
Price: on enquiry
Size: 12.00 x 22.00 in
Creation by Batsa Gopal Vaidya
By Batsa Gopal Vaidya
Size: 40.00 x 40.00 in
Yala Kumari by Udaya Charan Shrestha
Yala Kumari
By Udaya Charan Shrestha
Size: 10.00 x 14.00 in
Bhaju by Uttam Dangol
By Uttam Dangol
Price: $80
Size: 10.40 x 14.20 in
Holyman by Dil Bahadur Chitrakar
By Dil Bahadur Chitrakar
Size: 18.00 x 24.00 in