The Nepalese sculptures were created primarily by the Newars, one of Nepal's many ethnic groups, in the Kathmandu valley, an area encompassing about 200 square miles in central Nepal. Predominantly Buddhist, Newari artists became renowned throughout Asia for the high quality of their work. At times, Nepalese style had tremendous influence on the art of China and Tibet, as both countries imported art and artists from Nepal to adorn their temples and monasteries.

The majority of these sculptures were created in the service of religion, and although most of the artists were Buddhi...

Meditation IV
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Batsa Batsa Gopal Vaidya
Love II by Uttam Dangol
Love II
By Uttam Dangol
Price: on enquiry
Size: 9.00 x 16.50 x 11.80 in
Erotic II by Uttam Dangol
Erotic II
By Uttam Dangol
Price: on enquiry
Size: 2.71 x 11.80 x 1.57 in
Erotic V by Uttam Dangol
Erotic V
By Uttam Dangol
Price: on enquiry
Size: 14.14 x 10.61 x 3.53 in