Steps to create your ARTspace in

  1.  Click Artist Signup link at top left corner of the page to open registration page.
  2.  Provide basic information and click "Save" button to create account.
  3.   Upon submitting form, you are redirected to home page. Now click My Account link at top right corner of the page to view "Your Account" dashboard.
  4.  Click "My ARTspace" to create your ARTspace.
  5.  Click "Submit Application" button. Fill up the form and click Submit button.
  6.  Arts of Nepal team will review the application, and upon approval your ARTspace will be activated within 24 hours.
  7.  Once your application is approved, click "My ARTspacew" to submit shop information.
  8.  Arts of Nepal reviews your ARTspace information and once approved, you are ready to go.