Kushal Karki

Kushal Karki

Kushal Karki is a visual artist from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the recipient of the Special Award in Contemporary Arts awarded by the Nepal Art Council in 2020. A skilled draftsman, he works in a wide range of mediums including painting, etching, animation and photography. Karki’s works revolve around themes of life, death, and all the metamorphoses in-between. Naturally, every confrontation between animals in nature is bound to be chaotic. However, these chaotic relationships are what keep everything in balance. Such ideas of juxtaposition between the chaotic and the harmony it imposes are quite evident in his compositions as well. Animal figures are recurring and prominent in his compositions. Karki draws inspiration from the likes of Monet, Laloux, Jan lenica, Kubin, Manjit Bawa, Manuj Babu Mishra and so on. His strokes and forms are kept loose, energetic and expressive. His prints have been collected by numerous collectors, Nepalese and foreign.

Artist Statement
Naturally, every confrontation in nature between animals is bound to be chaotic in one way or another. However, these chaotic relationships are what balances everything. The relationships between animals in the natural world revolves around predator and prey. In the human context, the contradictions are seen in our worshiping and condemning of animals. Even though we are far removed from the natural cycle, this chaos is present. My works revolve around themes of life, death, and all the metamorphoses in-between. The enigma of our existence, our place in the natural chain, and the juxtaposition of all polar opposites interests me. I constantly explore with lines, shapes and textures in my compositions and use loose strokes and forms to convey the chaos and the energy of the moment and act of painting.

2022 BFA (Candidate) in Studio Arts, Kathmandu University School of Arts and Design
2018 +2 Uniglobe HSS, Kamaladi, Nepal.

2022 Impressions (BFA Exhibition Project 2022), Nepal Art Council, Nepal
2022 Between Lines and Layers, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babarmahal, Nepal
2020 National Art Exhibition, NAFA, Naxal, Nepal
2018 Roots Art Exhibition 2, Roots Bar, Thamel, Nepal

2020 Special Prize, National Art Exhibition, NAFA, Naxal, Nepal.

Collaborative Projects
2020 “Parya Samapada ko Prastuti- Katha Sangraha” in collaboration with Baakhan Nyanewaa, Lumanti, UN Habitat and IUCD.
2019 Fundraising Art Stall for Community Welfare Dog Kopan, Artmarket, Sanepa
2018 Hospital Waste Project, KU Hospital, Dhulikhel
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